About Indonesia Network Academy

Indonesia Network Academy is the main program of Ilmu Berbagi Foundation which focuses on bridging access to global ICT Professional skill and career for community-based education in Indonesia. Our activities are include, but not limited as follows

  • Teachers Capacity Development Program
  • Curriculum and Content Integration
  • Laboratory Enhancement Program
  • International Certification Program
  • Industrial Attachment Program
  • Job Matching System

Community-based education institution/organization targets

  • Community Learning Center (Pusat Kegiatan Belajar Masyarakat)
  • Non-Profit Boarding School (Panti Asuhan dan Pondok Pesantren)
  • Schools in Rural/Remote Areas in Indonesia.

About Ilmu Berbagi Foundation

Founded by Ardisragen in 2009 as social media campaign with hashtag #ilmuberbagi and evolved to Ilmu Berbagi Community in 2011. Since 2014, Ilmu Berbagi Foundation established as a non-profit organization in the field of social and education based on a notary certificate authorized by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Indonesia number AHU-01963.50.10.2014.